What to Expect

DGB utilizes superior products from Nature’s Specialties. Herbal Aloe, Optical Brightener, Colloidal Oatmeal are just a few of the revitalizing shampoos and conditioners we use to specialize your pet's bath based on his/her skin & coat needs. All pets are comforted during the grooming process with patience, gentle hands, and a reassuring voice. Cotton balls and Happy Hoodies are used to protect your pet’s ears/hearing during bathing and drying.

“SPAW” services included with every grooming:

  • 2 shampoos and 1 deep-conditioning treatment
  • Blueberry or Plum tearless foaming facial
  • Ear cleaning and removal of ear hair for specific breeds
  • Towel dry
  • Application of leave-in silky finish coat conditioner
  • Hand blow dry and fluff
  • Full brush and comb out
  • Nails clipped and filed smooth
  • Paw pad hair trimmed
  • Sanitary areas trimmed
  • Haircut length and style specified between Pet Parent and Pet Specialist
  • Finishing touches – bandanas, bows, and scented sprays

Additional Services Offered Upon Request

Service Description Charge

Teeth Brushing and

Paw Pad Package

This package includes our teeth brushing package PLUS, a paw pad massage and pad moisturizing treatment. Best value and no more cracked, dry pads!        $12
Teeth Brushing Your pet will receive a full teeth brushing with pet-safe toothpaste and tooth brush, along with a foaming gum and tartar protectant for extra fresh breath!          $8
Paw Pad Package Does your pet have dry, cracked paw pads? This service provides a deep moisturizing treatment and massage for your pets paw pads.          $8
Anal Gland Expression The anal gland is a gland that typically expresses itself during a bowel movement. If it does not, then we can express it by hand. Licking, itching, or scooting may be a sign that your pet needs this service.          $10
Nail Package

Every grooming includes a nail cut and smooth file but, some pets need a little more help! We can help shorten the length of the nerve in the nail by weekly or bi-weekly nail trimming packages. Ask your groomer about the benefits!

Prices dependent on frequency and pet behavior.

Nail packages expire in 4 weeks.

     $25-40 ( Up to 50%       discount!)