The DGB PromiSe


Offers a welcoming and comfortable, open salon atmosphere & cage-free environment for your pet. Flexible scheduling available for our fearful or aggressive pets. Specializing in attention to detail, love, and patience to every pet in our care. Providing conscientious interaction between our Pet Parents and all DGB Pet Specialists. Striving for the highest education in pet health and safety. Adhering to industry standards and state of the art equipment and tools.


Utilize our gradual entry and exit system giving our Pet Parent the ability to safely pick up or drop off. Always bring your pet on their collar and leash. Only remove when secured in "safety zone". Please be aware and considerate of other pets & pet parents during check-in / check-out.


Maintains strict sanitation guidelines and only utilize pet-safe products.


You may visit our salon at anytime during business hours. There is a full view of the DGB main salon area from our lobby and even a closer view when you step into the "safety zone." You will notice our bathing and drying area behind a white door with a window. This door is kept closed while drying pets simply to reduce noise in the main salon. You may ask to view any area of the salon at anytime. Remember, DGB is a cage-free facility and pets may be sensitive to or cautious with strangers.